8 food & beverage startups to keep an eye on in 2022

Many companies faced insurmountable challenges during covid times and the food and beverage industry was hit especially hard when the world went into lockdown. But as life returns to a ‘new normal’ many companies that managed to weather the storm are now experiencing a post-pandemic boom.

A few years ago, brands like Hello FreshOddbox, and Deliveroo were virtually unknown, but nowadays they’re household names. This got us thinking, which brands are next? What startups are currently disrupting the market? This article showcases the top 8 food and beverage startups making waves in the industry right now.

1.The Vurger Co.

Proving that a plant-based diet doesn’t have to be boring, The Vurger Co. has been at the forefront of revolutionising plant-based fast food ever since it launched in 2016.

Not only do their burgers and shakes look amazing (seriously, check out their Insta), they taste incredible too. Plus they are 100% vegan and come wrapped in sustainable packaging. What’s not to love?

They’ve got fast-food outlets in Shoreditch, Brighton, and Canary Wharf and were named London’s Best Vegan Burger Restaurant by Forbes. If you haven’t tried it yet, make sure you do.

The Vurger Co. Instagram

2. Livia’s

More yummy plant-based goodness coming your way… Livia’s launched in 2016 after Olivia, the founder, noticed a gap in the market for indulgent treats made with natural, gluten and dairy-free ingredients.

Over the past six years, the company has rapidly expanded with three different product ranges, selection boxes and multipacks, which are stocked in over 3,000 stores nationwide. Want to know more? Head over here.

3. Ember Snacks

Bucking the vegan trend; Ember Snacks was founded by brothers Jack and Harry Mayhew in 2017.

Having been raised on a farm, Jack and Harry are both passionate about supplying their customers with the best quality meat possible and they’re on a mission to end factory farming.

Best known for their Biltong and British Charcuterie products, Ember Snacks supply chain is simple — their animals roam free and are reared on British and Irish soil. Their meat is high in protein and rich in flavour, so much so that they’ve received four Great Taste Awards.

4. CleanCo

Although alcohol-free drinks have been around for a while, it’s only recently that the market has started to boom. There are a variety of reasons behind this, which we’re not going to delve into right now. But the main two are:

  1. The product’s taste has vastly improved in recent years
  2. Consumers’ habits have changed and they’re seeking to live healthier lifestyles

After initially launching with Clean G in 2019, CleanCo’s product range has rapidly expanded and even includes canned ready-to-drink cocktails. With the promise of leaving you ‘hangover-free’, it’s easy to see why they are so popular!

5. This!

If you enjoy the taste of meat but would like to find an alternative that’s better for the planet, then you’re going to love This!

Their vegan range includes This is not pork, bacon and chicken and it tastes so similar to the real thing they’ve had customers questioning whether it truly is 100% meat-free (spoiler alert: it is!)

Not only is it good for the planet, but it’s also good for you, too, as it’s high in fibre and protein and it’s fortified with iron and vitamin B12.

Their recent collaborations with Cafe Nero, David Lloyd and Côte Restaurants prove they are well on their way to dominating the meat-free market.

THIS, Instagram

6. Zapp

Have you ever done a big food shop only to discover you’ve forgotten a couple of key items? Annoying, right?

Well, Zapp is here to save the day — huzzah! They can deliver most essential items within minutes and only charge £1.99 for delivery (free if you spend over £30) and that’s not the only reason we think they’re so great…

Firstly, they treat their staff well. Forget zero-hours contracts and being self-employed — all Zapp’s staff are employed by them with benefits and the opportunity to become co-owners of the company. On top of this, their entire fleet of vehicles is electric and they use recyclable paper bags for all their deliveries.

They’re currently up and running in London, Manchester, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Paris, but no doubt they’ll continue to expand their coverage.

7. Russell & Atwell

Calling all chocolate lovers! Russell & Atwell will change the way you think about chocolate forever.

Back in 2019, Steve Russell and Giles Atwell set about trying to create the very best chocolate imaginable, using fresh, high quality and sustainable ingredients and they have most definitely succeeded.

Their so-called ‘fresh chocolate’ is made with organic fresh cream and must be stored in the fridge and consumed within a few weeks. As opposed to ‘long-life chocolate’ that is made with palm oil and preservatives and usually sits on supermarket shelves for months on end waiting to be purchased.

Following their recent appearance on Dragon’s Den, Steve and Giles’s fresh chocolate sold-out in record time and they’ve currently paused sales until they can find a faster way to produce their chocs!

You’ll have to sign up to their mailing list if you want to be the first to hear when they start taking orders again.

Russell & Atwell, Instagram

8. Hoxton Farms

Based in London and founded in 2020, Hoxton Farms grows real animal fat without the animals. Confused? We’ll let them explain…

“Starting from just a few cells, we grow purified animal fat in bioreactors to produce a delicious, cruelty-free and sustainable ingredient.

Fat is magic. It’s the secret to delicious food. Plant oils aren’t a good replacement: the world needs a clean source of animal fat to create meat alternatives that look, cook and taste like the real thing.”

The plant-based meat industry has exploded in recent years and Hoxton Farms looks set to be at the forefront of the latest developments, that could help make animal cruelty a thing of the past.

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